How to Get More Followers on LinkedIn

Are you pretty serious about the idea of promoting your brand or nonprofit on a good platform like LinkedIn? In this article, we are going to tell you some small tips and tricks to increase your Followers on LinkedIn in a few months. There is no doubt that LinkedIn has gradually become a powerhouse of...

Are you pretty serious about the idea of promoting your brand or nonprofit on a good platform like LinkedIn? In this article, we are going to tell you some small tips and tricks to increase your Followers on LinkedIn in a few months. There is no doubt that LinkedIn has gradually become a powerhouse of content with many prospects of gaining a large number of followers be it organic advertising or paid. The main emphasis of this article would be to give you a detailed insight into how to gain followers on LinkedIn organically.

How to get followers on the LinkedIn company page?

This is 2021 and it is not any secret now that all the best digital marketing strategies in B2B involve a special focus on social media platforms. If you have a B2B company, then you should know that LinkedIn involves a large community audience with the sole focus on business and it has also made tools that can target the buyer personas of your choice. However many people still do not know that these tools can be used to the maximum ability for effective conduct by training the LinkedIn algorithm. The training means to make the algorithms recognize the kind of people that fit the buyer personas of your choice. The company pages which have a large number follower audience and engage with your posted content means it will be easier for you to use targeted paid advertising to these people as these people are the ones who will become the ideal prospects for you in the future.

Mostly, it is considered a distracting metric of vanity if you constantly keep checking the follower count. But few people know that the growth of the proper audience is a very important factor as it has its own merits. No matter if you are ready to accept it or not, perception always matters and the follower count is a way to give credibility and legitimacy to the reputation of a company. This gives an insight into what kind of leadership the company shares. That is why it is important to check followers count periodically without obsessing over it.

Just as the doctors suck at taking their own medications, similarly big B2B marketing businesses and agencies are always too busy in work on the client’s digital campaigns that they do not try to invest their efforts for their own social media platforms and audience building.

It is very important to set a goal to increase followers on LinkedIn to maintain a strong digital footprint on social media.  The next important question is how to grow a LinkedIn network. Well, to be honest, there is no magical formula for this, but there are many best practices and hacks to increase social media follower count.

  • Building anticipation

One of the tricks is to build anticipation and excitement among the existing followers by teasing the releases and launches no matter if it is just an announcement or the latest product launch.

  • Use of videos

Usually, videos perform much better than other mediums. Moreover, if you use a video clip and directly upload it to LinkedIn rather than putting a Youtube video link, it performs very well.

  • Cross-promote LinkedIn on other social platforms

Some platforms of social media have a rigid do not cross streams policy. In that case, you can just say something like follow us on the LinkedIn account. But make sure that you give them a good reason for following you on LinkedIn like making them believe that the content on LinkedIn shared by you is not being posted on the other channels or platforms. 

These are some magic tricks that you can have up your sleeve for increasing your following on the company LinkedIn page.

How to increase LinkedIn traffic through followers?

If you are wondering how to grow LinkedIn followers organically, then this part of the article would be very helpful for you.  Here are some of the steps to follow.

  • Add a “Follow” Button for LinkedIn on your website

A LinkedIn “follow” button for a blog and website always makes it convenient for people to follow their favorite brand or blogger on LinkedIn and this way they feel more connected with the brand. It is advised that you should add the follow button on the footer portion of the website on all its pages. However, do not add it at the page topmost portion because that affects the loading speed of the page.

  • Engage the employees of your company to add your business as their own workplace on their personal LinkedIn profile

It is always a good idea to encourage your employees to make a LinkedIn profile and complete it. Engage them in including the name of your company in their profile and this way they will automatically become the followers of the company page on LinkedIn. More traffic will also be diverted to your company page in this way.

  • Promote your profile on social media platforms

Another way to increase your LinkedIn following is by asking your Facebook and Twitter followers to follow the page of your company on LinkedIn. You can give them the LinkedIn link and then add a call to action to attract them. This is how to grow LinkedIn network.

  • Join the LinkedIn groups

It is a good idea to take part in the groups on LinkedIn as it highlights the company page there and gains you more followers on your page. In LinkedIn groups, you can start your own forum of discussion or contribute to already popular discussions created by other members.

It is important to join those groups which are related to your business type and you should actively participate there and share your thoughts and insights with people. This makes them get to know the company and draws them to check your page or profile.

  • Add Images in the posts to attract

It also helps with the LinkedIn following if you add good images in the page posts to attract more and more people and increase your visibility on LinkedIn.

  • Engage with your connections and followers first

If you do not try to engage with the existing followers then trying to attract more followers on LinkedIn has no use. It is important to like and comment on posts of other people and also share them when appropriate.

  • Promote the page of your company outside

A good trick to get more audience and customers on your company page is to link this page with communications of the company like newsletter, emails, and mails, etc. Many people will follow your LinkedIn page through this trick.

  • Share video links from Youtube in posts

It can really help if you keep on sharing youtube video links in your company page posts. As per LinkedIn, followers who engage with posts including youtube videos are twice as likely to like, comment, and share those posts as compared to posts with no videos. 

  • Share all company news and announcements on the company page

According to the platform sources, most of the followers of a company page are keen to follow company news and announcements.

  • Use the full name of the company as the page name on LinkedIn

Using company name as page name makes sure that when a user searches for you on-site or through Google, that user finds your page easily.

  • Analyze the LinkedIn analytics of your page and optimize the content to gain maximum traffic to the page

It is important to analyze the LinkedIn analytics to get a better insight into which posts are gaining more audience and the posts that are not getting many audiences should be optimized accordingly. And the future content can be optimized for maximum traffic and gaining more engagement.

  • Post valuable content of high quality

You should post meaningful and high-quality content on the profile or page before asking people to follow it. Otherwise, why would anyone follow you at all? Only good posts can attract followers and keep updating your profile regularly and post useful interesting information and links to keep your followers interested at all times.

  • Make sure that your company profile is complete

It is important to completely fill the company profile as LinkedIn gives preference to those companies who have a complete profile in the on-site search.

  • Add an attractive logo or cover image on the LinkedIn page of the company

Adding an attractive logo or cover image on the LinkedIn page of the company captures the visitor’s attention.

  • Add links in the posts on your page

Add different links in the page post posts when possible as posts that have links in them create more traffic diversion to your page as compared to those posts that have no links in them. 

  • Post the updates about the company during the busiest hours

As most of you know that midday and morning are the busiest hours on LinkedIn five working days a week. Try posting during these hours to get your post across maximum traffic on LinkedIn.

  • Post on the LinkedIn page at least 20 to 22 times each month

Lag in posting can result in loss of followers which is why it is important to post quality content frequently to keep the audience and followers engaged along with attracting new potential followers.

  • Optimize the page according to search engine requirements for maximum traffic

Including relevant long and short-tail keywords in posts and company descriptions can optimize your page to rank better in the search engines.

  • Ask the company employees for regular engagement with the page content of your company

When the employees of a company engage with the company posts regularly, it increases the interest of other potential followers and other page visitors.

  • Employ multiple admins for the company page

Assign many admins to update the company page. This way they can divide the work of content creation along with other necessary work required to announce business products. Also, encourage the admins to regularly post informative and engaging content to attract followers and also share it with the admins’ connections.

  • Post regularly

In order to get higher visibility, post the content regularly on the company page to keep the followers engaged.

  • Post informative and relevant content on the page

Try to get insight into what your followers would like to engage in and post that content to provide amplification to the page posts.

  • Keep a close eye on the trending topics

In this age of swiftness, trending topics keep on changing all the time. Therefore, it is important to watch the current trends and add posts related to them as most people are searching for trending topics and your post will attract more people. Social networks such as Reddit, Facebook, etc have popular topic discussions going on all the time.

How to get 500 LinkedIn connections fast?

Getting 500 LinkedIn connections fast may seem a daunting task if you have a big business to look after. But this does not mean that you cannot get this many LinkedIn connections in less time. You can follow some simple steps to get 500 connections on LinkedIn. Let’s see which steps are those. The first and foremost step for getting 500 connections is to network every day.

If you really want to play big in the LinkedIn connection game, use this platform most often or let’s just say regularly. You can dedicate just 20-40 minutes to the platform of LinkedIn every day and make the firm goal of reaching 500 connections in a week.

The second thing you can do to get 500 followers fast is personalizing the connect request. If you know little about a person, then there is a higher chance that the person will not add you to their connection list.  Like if you say I want to have you in my professional network, your request will get easily ignored in this case. This is the reason why most professional people add a swift and concise note to refresh the memory of that person about them or mention the common connection or interest that they both share. You can introduce yourself a little and then tell the reason why you want to connect with them. In short, a personal note gives you a better chance that your connection request will be accepted.

The third important step to increase connections on LinkedIn is using keywords in the profile. Keywords are the tools that can help your profile to get ranked better in Bing, Google, and other such search engines. You need to plant relevant keywords in the professional headline, the section of skill endorsement, and profile summary. But an important point here is that how will you know which keywords are relevant for your profile. To know about relevant keywords, think about what your business or you yourself stand for and what you want to endorse yourself for. Which skills can you offer to the clients? For instance, if you provide web solutions for businesses then you can keywords that include “web content” or SEO.

You can follow these simple tips and spend about 20 minutes each day on LinkedIn and ta-da! You will soon have more than 500 connections in your LinkedIn network. And more connections mean your business has more opportunities to grow.

Another option that is less favorable but still relevant is buying LinkedIn followers as it can quickly boost a company’s social proof and build its image. It is no hidden fact that many businesses succeed on LinkedIn by purchasing LinkedIn followers. This method is approachable through different businesses which have a specialty in this area and they can do this job for you easily. This way you can also establish your digital footprint on Linkedin quickly and gain 500 or more followers easily.

How to see followers on LinkedIn?

If you want to see your followers on LinkedIn then you will need to follow three simple steps. I’ll take you through these steps one by one. The first step is that click the “Contacts” on the home page of your LinkedIn. The click will take you to the connections listing of your page on LinkedIn. If you do not automatically reach the connections listing then you can click the “Connections” tab by yourself. This will show your connections of first-degree. It means that those connections which you personally added to the connections list will be shown here. The next step is to click on the tab “Imported Contacts”. This way you can see the contacts that you imported here through your email book. Next, you can click the tab “Profile Organizer”. This will organize the contacts. If you have a LinkedIn premium account then your LinkedIn content will also get organized by clicking this.


Which business or company does not want to increase its Followers on LinkedIn? Well, every company does and this article is to give you a detailed insight into how to grow LinkedIn followers by following simple tips and tricks.