Ultimate Guide About Google Reviews

If you are new to Google Reviews, you need to understand the basics and other concepts. You have to check reviews of your business. Make sure to know what is on Google about your business. Moreover, you have to learn how to delete bad Google reviews. Make sure to focus on honest, positive, and real-life...

Ultimate Guide About Google Reviews

If you are new to Google Reviews, you need to understand the basics and other concepts. You have to check reviews of your business. Make sure to know what is on Google about your business.

Moreover, you have to learn how to delete bad Google reviews. Make sure to focus on honest, positive, and real-life reviews to conceal the worse ones. This guide will learn how to answer these reviews and get the best practices with real-life illustrations.

By managing reviews of your Google, you can boost the reputation of your business and offer an excellent customer experience. Try to get maximum reviews because these are powerful and valuable for your business. Millions of people use Google every day to find the desired services and products.

My Business Google listing helps customers to choose a product or service. They can see star ratings and comments about your business. Remember, 85% of customers trust online feedback. They like personal recommendations; therefore, it can have a clear impact on your business sales.

How to See my Google reviews?

You are allowed to write reviews on Google maps for different places you have visited. In these reviews, you can leave important data about a place, such as romantic, lively, or quiet. These opinions and reviews are voluntary. Google will not pay money for adding these reviews.

These reviews will be public; therefore, people can see them. You are unable to add anonymous reviews. To see your Google reviews, you have to open Google Maps. In the left section, you have to tap on “Menu”.

Tap on “Your Contributions”, see places you have reviewed, and select reviews. To see the recommendation of different places you have reviewed, select “Contribute”. You can share your review by going to the base of review and click on “Share”.

If you want to delete or edit a review, open Google Maps on your computer. Select your review and tap on “delete or edit”. Make sure to choose a suitable option and follow the instructions. Google Reviews offer valuable data about your company to your customers. The reviews appear along with listing in Google Maps. It proves helpful for your company to stand out on the ranking of search engines.

A small URL will help you to request feedback from customers. To get Google reviews, you can encourage your clients to promote your business. Here are some useful practices:

Remind your consumers to leave their feedback. Encourage them by telling them that it is easy and quick to leave a review. They can use their mobile devices to share a review. To build the trust of customers, you must reply to these reviews. In this way, they will understand the value of their input for your business.

It will be good to create a link and share it with customers to write a review. Verify your company and business to make information eligible for Maps, Google Services, and Search. Reviews must be unbiased and honest. Remember, a business owner must not offer incentives to clients in exchange for reviews.

How to Respond to Google reviews?

A business owner should respond to Google reviews. You can give a response to these reviews to engage your customers. Feel free to use a mobile or a desktop computer to respond to Google reviews. It is not good to answer only good reviews. By answer bad reviews, you can subsequently increase your ratings.

You have to respond, especially bad reviews, to learn from your mistake. Moreover, this learning curve can improve your customer’s overall experience and the reputation of your business.  Here are some easy steps to respond to Google reviews:

  • Sign in to your Google Business through business.google.com.
  • Tap on three parallel bars located on the top corner to pick your listings.
  • Tap on manage reviews. After finding a review, you have to tap on “View & Reply” to type a response.

For your business, it will be great to set up a notification for My Business on Google. In this way, you can easily get a notification for each review. For a negative review, you have to evaluate the response internally. Make sure to respond to this review publically.

Work on 1:1 conversations and transparently accept your mistakes. Ask important questions if you are missing some details. Try to offer possible solutions. Feel free to offer an incentive if important. Carefully sign a name and request updates from the customer for review.

How to Edit Google reviews?

Your opinion of a product or service might change; therefore, it will be great to edit your negative review. Sometimes, you write bad words in anger, but you may get a solution from this business. Now, you are responsible for editing this review. Here are some instructions to edit Google reviews:

  • Sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Open maps.google.com.
  • Tap on three dashes toward the left of a search bar.
  • Move to “Your Contributions”.
  • Tap on the “Reviews” tab.
  • Tap on “three dots” toward the right of a review you want to delete or edit.
  • Tap on “Delete Review” or “Edit Review” based on your desired action. If you want to edit a review, hit a “Post” button after completing the review.

Avoid writing a detailed review because quality reviews prove helpful for customers. They can read these reviews to make an informed decision. By writing a quality review, you can help customers to save time and money.

How to Delete Google reviews?

  • To delete a review, move back to Google Maps and open the menu.
  • Tap on “Your Contributions” and choose “Reviews”.
  • Select a review that you have to delete in a list.
  • You will get two options either delete or edit the review.
  • Make sure to select delete and follow other instructions.

How to Hide Your Name on Google reviews?

If you want to hide your name from Google, create a second profile with an alias instead of your name. It is a reliable option to avoid your original name on Google reviews. To write a review, you have to sign in for your Gmail account. You will not get access to Google maps without an account.

For this reason, use a different user account to sign in to your Gmail account. Make sure to sign out of your Google account containing your name. Open a browser in a private browsing mode or incognito mode.

Before opening a Google service, you have to sign in. For this reason, create a second Google account to leave your feedback. In this way, Google reviews will display your alias instead of a name. 

How to Add Google Reviews to Your Website

How to Add Google Reviews to Your Website?

People heavily trust online reviews; therefore, you can get the support of Google for feedback from customers. Remember, potential customers will evaluate your services. By copy and pasting reviews to your official website, you can remove its legitimacy. Try to embed Google reviews directly from a business page. See these easy and simple instructions:

  • Sign in to your Google account for business listings.
  • Load Google+ page for your business.
  • Tap on the share “icon” in the right-hand lower corner of a review.
  • Tap on the options arrow located in the top corner of a shared post.
  • Select “Embed Post” from a menu.
  • Copy a header code.
  • Open a review page of the website in a preferred editor.
  • Paste a header code between your <head></head> HTML tags on the page.
  • Copy a content code.

Paste a code on a specific place where you want to display the reviews. If these steps do not work, you can use a tool to transfer reviews to your website.

Automate the Procedure of Managing Google Reviews

It will be convenient for your business to automate the process of Google reviews. This process can manage reviews for both customers and businesses. Your customer will use his/her Google account to leave reviews. Undoubtedly, automation can be an easy process to leave the review for them and avoid the probability of giving up during this process.

Motivate Customers to Leave a Review

If you are serving your clients in a business place, it will be easy to ask them to review your products and services. Feel free to use a sign as a reminder for your customers to express their golden opinion. You can ask them via email or phone to leave their feedback.

Sending emails to ask for a review from your happy customers will help you get maximum Google testimonials. You can be personal by addressing your clients using their name. Show your gratitude because they are working with you. Moreover, share a direct link with them to get their feedback.

Remember, it is not easy to get feedback from customers. Some customers require multiple reminders to leave feedback. They may not do it at your first request. It means they did not have time; therefore, you can send them multiple follow-ups.

Undoubtedly, it will be easy for you to answer positive reviews. You have to deal with bad Google reviews carefully. These become a sensitive and important issue for your business. Try to manage them in the best way.