Google Reviews VS Yelp Reviews

Have you been wondering about Google reviews VS Yelp Reviews? If so, then you have come to the right place. Google stands as the largest search engine which can pull data from every kind of source. Yelp on the other hand is like a big bulletin board platform online. On Yelp, a consumer needs to...

Have you been wondering about Google reviews VS Yelp Reviews? If so, then you have come to the right place. Google stands as the largest search engine which can pull data from every kind of source. Yelp on the other hand is like a big bulletin board platform online. On Yelp, a consumer needs to sign for the website or app of Yelp first, only then they can leave their review for a specific business they interacted with. After signing in, they can leave their feedback about a place or provide pictures of their visit if they want. Although Google also offers the same capability to leave the reviews to its customers, first that particular business would need to follow some easy phases on the business site of google. After that, the consumers can start leaving their reviews about their experience.

Yelp Vs Google

Both Yelp and Google Reviews are powerful review platforms with long business history and both are influential. But to help you understand better, let’s see the pros and cons of both.

Yelp Pros

  • Backlinks of Yelp provide a good SEO value
  • A trusted authority for review for about 10 years
  • #1 trusted place for users to search for authentic reviews
  • Free use for the business owners
  • Views per month about 100 million
  • Yelp Ads are free up to $300 to begin

Yelp Cons

  • Yelp is accused of coercing the companies to pay for displaying better reviews
  • It has a right to let go of your listing without giving any reason for termination
  • The review algorithm of Yelp can be random as all reviews may not be shown

Google Reviews Pros

  • Reviews are free for the business owners
  • My Business listing on Google also helps with the Google Rankings
  • Review algorithm is better and no payment pressure for reviews display
  • Better and higher display of Google Reviews than Yelp on-page results

Google Reviews Cons

  • Inaccurate reviews dispute is not easy
  • Per month views are fewer than yelp
  • Difficult navigation to find a proper business listing

Yelp Demographic

If you are wondering that how many people use yelp, the age brackets of Yelp users in the US are distributed uniformly with 18 to 34-year-old Yelp users are 33 %, 35 to 54-year-old Yelp users are 35 %, and 55-year and older Yelp users are 32 % which are very active on Yelp.  This clearly means that those businesses which are registered on this platform can reach a large demographic going by the age factor.

64% of people among the Yelp users have a college education which means that they can do the lifestyle purchases like nightlife, arts & entertainment, and restaurants, etc. More than 50 % of Yelp users earn $100,000 annually while 24 % of Yelp users earn $60,000 to $99,000 annually. To put it simply, ad consumers and review readers on Yelp have high disposable income. As Yelp is basically a platform to review, there are higher chances that the person logging in on this platform has a specific intention of buying or looking for professional services quote or planning to visit a restaurant in the future. Google, on the other hand, is used for businesses at the beginning phases of a conversion funnel. Therefore, if someone is looking for customers with high-intent, it is very important to have a presence on the platform of Yelp.

Yelp Conversion Rate

A Yelp commissioned Nielsen study found that most of the consumers reported a strong intent of purchase for the business for which they found a review from Yelp. Almost 92 % of the customers who use online review sites for consumers say that they instantly bought something after visiting the Yelp site almost always, frequently, or sometimes at least.

Those consumers who used consumer review online claimed that they made a purchase and they did that much faster than ever before in the latest study. There was a 212 % increase in the consumers who purchased something after a few hours and a 55 % increase was observed in the customers who made a purchase after visiting the Yelp online review sites. While doing a Google reviews VS Yelp Reviews analysis, you should keep this Yelp conversion rate in mind.

Are Yelp Reviews Reliable?

It is true that the failure or success of a business depends largely on the online reviews these days and Yelp is now under fire as it allows businesses to have a prominent place in the search engine by paying. And this is good as reviews by paying money can terminate the credibility of the online reviews for the consumers. This also means that honest reviews will get a lot of competition just because of the manipulation of reviews. And constantly monitoring the latest reviews will become nearly impossible for businesses. However, it does not mean that you get out of the Yelp game just because it’s not trustworthy.

How many fake reviews on Yelp?

Did you come across a review about some online product that sounded too glowy to be correct? Yes, maybe it is fake.

Some latest research says that many reviews present on the review sites and social networks are not very reliable as most people like to think. This suggests that the restaurant reviews are almost 20 % fake. About 91 % of the consumers trust online reviews and from all those reviews, almost 20 % are manipulated reviews.

Use of fake reviews for harming the rivals

A scarier truth about the fake online reviews is that some brands use companies for beginning propaganda campaigns for damaging the reputation of their rivals and harm them. You will be surprised to know that there are some firms that have a specialty in negative promotion.

About thousands of medium and small businesses suffer due to the fake negative campaign of reviews on different sites like Facebook, Yelp, and Amazon. For instance, a chef based in the UK was fired as he left bogus reviews on TripAdvisor. His intention was to smear the competing restaurants’ reputation.

Use of reviews to get some discounts

As one negative review can lead hundreds of customers away, that is why businesses try to please those dissatisfied clienteles who give bad reviews. And that’s what gives some consumers an idea to use bad reviews for getting special discounts and deals. Sometimes, these reviews are very misleading but still, brands have to cave in for avoiding bigger reputation damage.

Are Google Reviews Reliable?

Despite every intention of such platforms to make their sites reliable, still many ratings on the Google platform may not be very reliable. Small business owners can get frustrated because of these phony reviews which harm their reputation. Fake reviews do not only frustrate owners but also drive away many potential customers that may have purchased the product after reading Google reviews. These fake reviews are not based on honest opinions or facts.

Although the search engines of Google are good it is only fair that they are not perfect in every sense. Goggle is sometimes terrible at spotting such phony reviews. Fake reviews can have a strange and messy name with generic comments and extremely positive reviews are also mostly fake. Most accounts with the same jumbled names appear for a similar brand over and over. So, overall both Yelp and Google are good for reviews but fake reviews, no matter with what intention, are an issue on both of these.

Google Vs Yelp Advertising

Google Ads has a wide range of ad formats and campaign types to choose from which makes it a good platform for ads.

The types of google campaign are:

  • Display Network campaigns
  • Search Network campaigns

Ad formats for Google are:

  • App promotion
  • Responsive
  • Video
  • Text
  • Showcase shopping
  • Product shopping
  • Call-only
  • Image

Yelp, on the other hand, does not offer that many ad formats as it is just a standard simple search ad platform. However, they released a feature of Custom Ads in 2018 which allows the advertisers to choose custom review snippets, photos, and text for the customers to see.

As for the audience, Google is used by the most users for online searches, so it gets a higher audience and higher ad exposure as compared to Yelp as its traffic is less than Google. To get ads across more audiences, Google will be your best bet.  However, if your focus is on the user intent then Yelp is the most suitable as most people already know what are they going to buy before they come to Yelp. So, mist users who will come to Yelp will also buy it as we have discussed before. So, if you are comparing Google reviews VS Yelp Reviews then must keep the advertising aspect in mind.

Google VS Yelp: Which One You Should Use?

From analyzing both review platforms, my final verdict is that invest in both. Therefore, while comparing Google reviews VS Yelp Reviews, make sure you are present on both platforms as to not miss out on anything.