How To Use LinkedIn For Business

As a social network created specifically for professionals, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for growing your business online. However, keep in mind that people are going to LinkedIn for one of three reasons – to be informed, to be educated or to make connections. They are not necessarily going there to buy products or services, so that should inform how you use LinkedIn for business.

#1: Join LinkedIn Groups

One great way to leverage the full power of LinkedIn is to join groups that are connected to your company or industry. Then hang out in the Group to see what people are talking about, and what kinds of questions they have. Answer questions when you can, but don’t be too promotional.

When you have a good idea of what topics and trends interest the Group, that’s when you can begin creating content – articles, guides, guides, and infographics – that are in demand. According to LinkedIn, there is now more so-called “expert” content on the platform than there are job postings. It has become a place for industry professionals to learn more and become better at their jobs.

#2: Find Partners, Vendors, and Suppliers

Using your connections on LinkedIn, you can begin to grow your overall business network. Think of the supply chain that links your product to your customer. Along the way, there are partners, vendors, and suppliers responsible for your final product. Those are the types of connections that you should be nurturing on LinkedIn as a way to drive overall business growth.

#3: Get Answers To Your Tough Business Questions

There’s no reason why you should only just be answering questions on LinkedIn – you can also be asking questions. Even if you’re the CEO or founder of a business, there’s a lot that you may not know about operating a business. For example, you may be a “product guy” but not know much about marketing. Or you may have a great idea for a new product, but no idea of how to bring it to market. Here’s where you can also really leverage the power of LinkedIn’s “Send a Message” functionality.

#4: Boost Your Company’s Image in the Marketplace

Recommendations are a big thing on LinkedIn, and this is an easy way for you to get customers and clients to write about what a great company you are. This is establishing “social proof” in the marketplace – it’s not enough just to tell people that you are the “#1 company” in the industry, you need to have customers and clients leaving recommendations on your LinkedIn profile page.

#5: Find Great Employees

The most important asset of any company, no matter its size, is the workforce. As a result, you want to make sure that your company is hiring and recruiting the very best workers. On LinkedIn, there are a number of ways to signal this to potential employees – your company’s public profile should highlight the number of recent hires, news of product launches, and other proof that shows your company is gaining real traction in the marketplace.

Through these five steps, you can really begin to leverage the true power of LinkedIn, which has hundreds of millions of people using it every month. With just a few easy steps, you can begin to grow your LinkedIn presence and attract new customers, vendors, and employees.

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